Dustless Blasting in Eau Claire, WI

Dustless Blasting

Wisconsin Dustless Blasting is a dustless blasting company offering pick and delivery services. Our services are able to handle many, many different substrates with the wide range of equipment and skilled techniques we use. Everything from concrete, fiberglass, and metal, to even wood, our dustless blasting services are the perfect solution for any blasting need.
A wide variety of blasting materials is normally used on a per-project basis, but when we blast any form of metal we use water with a rust inhibitor to prevent rusting and any warping of the metal. Our skilled blasters will make sure your project is taken care of properly and done with expert care.

Removal with Dustless Blasting

Time can have an adverse effect on certain substances — others it can solidify their presence. From lead, asbestos, abatement, and toxic coatings to graffiti, grime, or tar removal.

Eco-Friendly / Green Blasting

Our blasting doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and doesn’t leave any toxic residue, so not only is it good for the environment — it’s also good for you.

Dustless blasting is the most cost-effective way to do paint preparation and many other cleaning jobs, so there isn’t anything to lose!

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