Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Truck Toppers in Eau Claire, WI

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Truck Toppers in Eau Claire, WI

December 5, 2016

Many truck owners find that their trucks simply aren’t complete until they install a topper on the bed. They also find that their Ranch brand truck toppers in Eau Claire, WI are one of the best accessories they’ve ever added to their truck. Here are a few reasons to purchase a truck topper—and a few reasons to choose Ranch when you’re ready to buy!

What size cargo do you usually carry?

It should come as no surprise that a truck topper can limit the kind and size of cargo you can carry. A truck without a topper can theoretically haul really tall loads. However, a truck with a topper limits the height of cargo you can tote around. Luckily for customers who choose to purchase a Ranch topper, they have a variety of options when it comes to their truck topper’s height. Ranch’s “Supreme Truck Cap” is the brand’s tallest truck topper model, and can accommodate many different types of tall cargo. It’s also a special shape that has been designed to limit wind resistance without sacrificing room for your cargo.

Do you need access to the entire bed?

A truck topper that doesn’t allow you to get to all of the stuff in your truck bed can be pretty frustrating. All of our truck toppers in Eau Claire, WI have windows on the sides that allow for easy access to all of your belongings.

Do you need to protect expensive gear?

Truck toppers are great for preventing theft, as long as they’re crafted of heavy duty materials. Our Ranch truck toppers are all incredibly sturdy and will stand up to a thief’s attempt to break in.

Why choose Ranch?

Ranch is regarded by many as the top brand on the market when it comes to truck toppers. We carry Ranch for a variety of reasons:

  • Ranch has many different styles: Ranch produces a variety of styles to match your personal preference for a truck topper.
  • Ranch offers many colors: It doesn’t matter what color truck you have—Ranch makes a truck topper in a color that’ll match your truck. Ranch also uses highly durable paint that’ll last as long as the paint on your truck.
  • Ranch toppers are waterproof: One of the biggest reasons people install a truck topper is to keep their stuff dry. There’s no point in buying a truck topper that’s going to leak each time it rains. Ranch ensures all of its toppers are expertly sealed, especially around the windows, which can be a weak point in products from other brands.
  • Ranch toppers are secure: What’s the point in installing a truck topper if your stuff falls out every time you drive anywhere? Ranch makes sure its products keep your truck’s tailgate closed when the truck topper is on. The windows on Ranch toppers are also made of tempered glass, so it’d be very hard for a thief to break in.

At Linings of Eau Claire LLC, we only carry the highest quality products, which is why we sell Ranch truck toppers in Eau Claire, WI. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our Ranch Toppers and explore our selection.

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