Five Benefits of Using Truck Toppers in Eau Claire, WI

Five Benefits of Using Truck Toppers in Eau Claire, WI

October 10, 2016

There’s no doubt that an open bed pickup truck is a great and useful vehicle to own. However, while a lot of the time an open bed is not a problem, there may be occasions that call for the use of a bed cover—more specifically, a shell-like cover that you can install temporarily to make your life or job a little easier. With that in mind, here are five benefits of using truck toppers in Eau Claire, WI:

  • Adds value: Much like how the value of your home can go up as you build room additions, the value of your truck can go up if you choose the right add-ons—especially when you go for something like a well-built, nice looking truck topper. However, that is not the only reason a topper can add to or maintain a truck’s value. A quality cover will prevent moisture from getting in and rust from forming on your factory truck bed. It will also keep animals from wreaking havoc on the bed.
  • Protection from the elements: Year-round elements can do a number on your vehicle, including leaving ugly damage inside an unprotected truck bed. Harmful UV sunrays can discolor bed materials, and can even beat down so hard and constant that, over time, any exposed paint will begin peeling. The winter months also bring problems. Hail, snow, ice and rain are relentless weather conditions that are quick to cause damage to your truck, including the exposed truck bed. Pooling and lingering moisture leads to rusty patches, and hard falling hail can leave nicks and dents.
  • Security: If you keep storage boxes or other items in the bed of your truck, then you should seriously consider investing in a hard cover. Items lying about freely in an open bed are easy targets for criminals; they will steal them given the opportunity. Lockable truck toppers in Eau Claire, WI are especially popular for contractors who haul around their tools and equipment to and from job sites. Also, toppers with tinted windows will make it harder for criminals to see in—as a result, they will be less likely to attempt to steal your property.
  • Secure cargo: Similar to having a topper to deter theft, a cover can also provide safe travels so your cargo riding in the bed doesn’t fall out. There’s less worry of something bouncing out and into the road, and you can still haul longer objects—just open the topper’s back window and stick it through. You should still tie down larger items and secure metal storage boxes to ensure your safety and to prevent bed damage brought about by shifting loads.
  • Improves gas mileage: Most truck covers may be able to help improve your gas mileage. But how? A truck bed cover decreases wind resistance, so wind slides over the cover instead of getting trapped in the bed, which creates drag. Less drag means you’ll see an increase in your miles per gallon.

For a wide selection of quality truck toppers in Eau Claire, WI, look no further than Linings Of Eau Claire LLC. Contact us to help you find your ideal truck topper, cap or lid today!

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