Six Safety Tips for Operating Your Boss Snow Plow in Eau Claire, WI

Six Safety Tips for Operating Your Boss Snow Plow in Eau Claire, WI

October 6, 2016

Strong winds, icy streets and drifting snow contribute to hazardous road conditions that can put your safety and the safety of the public at risk. So, whether driving a snow plow is your job or you own one for your property, it’s a good idea to review snow plow safety before the snowy season arrives each year. With that in mind, here are six safety tips for operating your Boss snow plow in Eau Claire, WI:

  • Transport your plow the right way: First, make sure the plow control is turned off—you don’t want it springing into action until you arrive at the job site. The position of the blade when it’s being transported is also important. Angle the blade toward the curb and position it in such a way that it’s not blocking your view or the plow headlights.
  • Watch out for obstacles: It’s imperative for you to be on the lookout for obstacles that may impede your route or cause damage to your plowing equipment or someone’s property. Be aware of possible objects and obstacles, like mailboxes, fences, stop signs, fire hydrants and speed bumps. If you are concerned about damage to your truck, plow or another person’s property, take the extra step to mark these obstacles on your route.
  • Don’t speed: It’s bad enough to speed when the roads are wet and slippery, but add in the fact that you’re also plowing snow, and you could have a recipe for disaster. When weather conditions are bad, you could really hurt someone, cause an accident or even crash into a snow covered obstacle. Speeding won’t get the job done any faster, so plan on taking your time.
  • Know the type of surface you’re plowing: Gravel, dirt, concrete, asphalt—all sorts of surfaces need snow plowed off of them. But if you ignore the type of surface, you could end up damaging your plow components or scraping the surface away. When plowing dirt or gravel, raise the blade and lower the plow shoes. For concrete or asphalt, raise the plow shoes to get as close to the surface as possible.
  • Treat your plow well: Another important part of safety is to perform proper maintenance on your Boss snow plow in Eau Claire, WI before and after each use. Always check the blade for damage—especially if you know it slammed into something while on the job— and ensure all vehicle and plow connectors are still secured. Additionally, lowering the blade to the ground when parked can take the stress off the plow’s hydraulic components.
  • Avoid overheating: As a snow plow operator, you must keep an eye on the temperature gauge, whether you’re currently operating it or transporting the plow to a location. For safety’s sake and to avoid costly engine repair, if your vehicle overheats, you need to stop immediately.

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