What Is Dustless Blasting in Eau Claire, WI?

What Is Dustless Blasting in Eau Claire, WI?

September 29, 2016

Stripping a surface clean can be a chore if done manually, but there is another way to remove large amounts of paint and rust: through dustless blasting. Let’s take a look at dustless blasting in Eau Claire, WI and review a few important points about this type of approach.

You may be more familiar with the term “sandblasting,” which is a similar process that uses blasts of sand or compressed air to get the job done. Dustless blasting is a method of removing things like old paint, rust and stubborn stains from surfaces, during which water and an abrasive are mixed together in the blast tank. This way, the possibility of creating dust while working is eliminated. Even better, the dustless blasting process is looked at as being eco-friendly, since it does not use harsh chemicals, and therefore does not leave behind toxic reside or fumes. Here are some key things to know about dustless blasting:

  • Since dustless blasting involves water, whatever abrasive you choose to use will contribute greatly to hitting the target harder for a faster strip job. But although the wet blast hits harder, it won’t disintegrate on impact or create a dust cloud like dry sandblasting does.
  • You can use virtually any abrasive material that is able to sink in water without dissolving. These types of abrasives include recycled bottle glass, sand and coal slag. Glass is a clean material, safe for the environment, inexpensive and works well for most jobs, making it a popular choice of abrasive. On the other hand, sand tends to be more aggressive than glass. It can etch brick surfaces and corrode concrete patios, garden paths and walls, so avoid using sand as a dustless abrasive on certain surfaces.
  • Whichever abrasive you use, it’s important to always have a consistent particle size before adding water. Otherwise, the dustless blasting machine could malfunction and not perform at its best, or even ruin surfaces when too many uneven abrasive particles are in the tank.
  • Automotive dustless blasting can strip a vehicle of old paint, corrosion or built-up rust. Unlike sandblasting, dustless blasting leaves no mess or dangerous chemicals on the vehicle, in your workspace and in surrounding areas. This metal stripping method is also fast, and thanks to its water-based element, warping from friction wear can be prevented.
  • Restorative dustless blasting on exterior surfaces—such as concrete patios, paved driveways and brick walkways—can clean without causing damage. With sand based sandblasting, concrete granules can chip away as well as loosen materials on brick surfaces. This is not the case with dustless blasting.
  • Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial building owner trying your hand at dustless blasting or you’re a professional providing the service, you should know that vegetation should be relatively safe, because the dustless method is free of harsh chemicals and it does not produce a cloud of nasty dust.

If your project can benefit from dustless blasting in Eau Claire, WI, give the team at Linings of Eau Claire LLC a call to learn more about our specific services.

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