This coating on my prosthetic foot shell is the best option I have had in 8 years of trying to find an option that would allow me to be active in and around water. I love to get out into the wilderness and push myself as I explore and enjoy nature but my prosthesis would always get wrecked or break anytime I tried before. I have tried silicone, tire tread, sneaker tread and many more but nothing could even last a few hours before it was wrecked.
With this coating I can get wet move in the sand, rocks and easily transfer from water to land and enjoy all the activities associated with water and water sports without having to constantly worry about my prosthesis. This coating is absolutely remarkable as I have white water rafted in Montana, kayaked the great lake Superior, and enjoyed time on the beach and in the lakes with my family with not one problem. I highly recommend this product to any amputee that is looking for an amphibious option for their prosthetic.
BJ Ganem

Prosthetic Before:

Prosthetic After:


Attn: Peter Bergee-Rhino Linings of Eau Claire

Hello Peter,

My sincere thanks for helping my patient with the spray lining on his prosthetic foot.  I’ve prepared the foot scuffing it up to help the coating stick, and you can see my marker indicates where the Rhino Lining is needed-along the entire bottom surface of the foot and up over the back and front plate.  If it’s possible to “double” the thickness on the front that would be perfect as this is where he is hardest on the foot when walking on cement/sand/gravel.


Amy Paulios
CP Prosthetic Labs
Madison Wi Office

From: Jim Novak
Hey Pete,
Thanks for going the extra mile and helping me with my new pickup topper.
Great doing business with you.

I am writing to recommend Peter Bergee and Rhino Linings of Chippewa Falls. My home is about 80 years old and the basement is your “typical Wisconsin” basement – dark, cold and damp! The basement floor consists of several layers of rock and cheap cement slabs. Before Pete covered the basement floor with a GBC product called Super Sealer – there was a perpetual layer of dust and gravel – despite my best efforts to clean and sweep.

Not only did the Super Sealer cut down on the dust and smell of moisture, it effectively filled-in the many holes and cracks in the floor. I can now use my basement to store items, do laundry and work-out!
Pete was able to assess the situation and recommended a great product. He also was able to work around my schedule and completed the job quickly! Thank you Pete and Super Sealer!
Marilyn Wellman
Milwaukee, WI

I am looking for a price on a tonneau cover for my 2015 Toyota Tundra Crewmax. Looking at the truxedo deuce the one that rolls up and has the hinged front section. I have received several compliments on the spray liner you did, looks great.
Thanks Keith
Keith W Sengbusch
(715) 558-4718