Sumo Springs

SumoSprings are proprietary suspension products designed to enhance load carrying ability, stabilize sway and improve overall driver control and comfort.

They are available for both the front and rear of most trucks, vans, SUV’s and motor homes. There are two distinct styles of SumoSprings; the jounce SumoSprings and the dual-bracket SumoSprings kit. The jounce SumoSprings are only attached on one end to the vehicle frame, usually replacing the smaller factory bump stop. The dual-bracket SumoSprings are attached both top and bottom and are generally associated with extra heavy loads.

All SumoSprings are manufactured from proprietary closed microcellular urethane which yields a combination of uniquely distinctive properties. SumoSprings:

  • Compress up to 80% of their original height with full memory rebound
  • Expand up to 50% when attached both top and bottom
  • Provide progressive load control; easier initial compress allowing softer engagement; greater resistance with heavier load
  • Never leak and cause a loss of performance
  • Have minimal lateral expansion under load allowing for operation in confined spaces
  • Highly resistant to oils, salts and UV rays
  • Perform within temperature range of -25°F and 200°F
  • 100% maintenance free complying with the SuperSprings product motto of “fit-it-and-forget-it”
  • 100% manufactured in the USA

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