Dee Zee

We Add More LIFE To Your Truck

Dee Zee¹s products sustain the worker, the weekender and everything in between. Our extensive product lines are built with you in mind. We recognize your need for durable, functional, and stylish products to keep up with your hectic pace. Dee Zee¹s classic styles are intertwined with the newest modern looks to explicitly satisfy your needs.

Dee Zee has been a staple brand in the truck accessory market since 1977. We are trusted to support the biggest names in the auto industry as their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on a variety of products. If you take a closer look, you may see a Dee Zee finished product underneath a Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, or Toyota logo. Our proven manufacturing techniques have carried over to our consumer market accessories you see flooding websites, catalogs, and your local retail stores.

The fertile ground in America¹s Heartland gives way to five buildings in Central Iowa comprised of almost 700,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. In-house engineers create Dee Zee¹s storied products with the latest design software to produce custom fit applications for your vehicle. The majority of Dee Zee products are made and packaged in Des Moines, IA with 90% of supplied parts coming from American vendors.

Dee Zee is always promoting a cleaner tomorrow by practicing green manufacturing techniques. Our eco-friendly manufacturing processes not only save the end consumer money by using lean practices, but we do our part to protect the planet. Dee Zee¹s reduced carbon footprint is achieved through massive recycling efforts, material reductions, and efficient manufacturing processes. We are proud to work with vendors who are Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program participants for paper and cardboard products during packaging.

If you need more reassurance, maybe one of the best warranty programs in the industry will satisfy you. With a limited lifetime warranty on the majority of Dee Zee products, you can be guaranteed our brand will withstand the ultimate test of time.

LIFE isn’t just a 4-letter word. Dee Zee can personalize your vehicle to fit the needs of your lifestyle. Take the hassle out of your everyday routines by giving yourself an extra step into your vehicle or finding the perfect lockable storage box. We are here to accommodate the needs of your vehicle that affect your LIFE.

Truck Tool Boxes

Dee Zee Tool Boxes are constructed for the worker, the weekender and everything in between. Our extensive line-up of Truck Tool Boxes gives you the choice to select the materials, colors and features the suit your needs. Made from the highest quality materials and mechanisms, you can rely on our Truck Tool Boxes to stand the test of time.


American Racing® Tool Boxes

Dee Zee has partnered with American Racing Custom Wheels to bring you a great new line of tool boxes. Enthusiasts know the rich history of American Racing and now have the opportunity to get that legendary name on quality storage products.

Dee Zee FX Running Boards

No other running board by Dee Zee offers as many deluxe features as their FX series. Besides being completely custom-designed for a perfect fit onto your truck or SUV, their cushioned step pads deliver unparalleled traction. Plus, the designer black lining and mud flaps are OEM-approved, so they’ll match the rest of your trim. And, the FX Running Boards have a thick rubber gasket to seal off the space between the boards and your chassis to eliminate gravel buildup.

Since strength is vital to a robust pair of running boards, the FX Running Boards are crafted from solid aluminum.

Best of all, your FX Running Boards are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Dee Zee Brite-Tread Running Boards

Contractors, journeymen, and foremen all agree that materials make the difference between a building that’ll stand the test of time and one that’ll collapse under its own weight. With this worksite wisdom in mind, Dee Zee designed the rugged, commanding Brite-Tread Running Boards using only the toughest ingredients.

At the heart of the Brite-Tread Running Boards’ strength is the solid aluminum construction with garage-inspired diamond-tread texture. Not only is this alloy naturally non-rusting, but it’s also treated with a clear powder coating to stop oxidation and corrosion.

Though your Brite-Tread Running Boards will probably outlast your rig, they don’t take years to install. Using Dee Zee’s groundbreaking Quick Bracket system (Ford and Chevy only), these running boards mount to your frame in no time with little or no drilling.

Best of all, your Brite-Tread Running Boards are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Dee Zee 6″ Oval Nerf Bars

Beef up your truck with hefty and strong Dee Zee 6″ oval step bars. No matter your shoe size, you won’t have a problem getting into your big rig with these wide steps supporting you. Crafted from 16-gauge steel, each Dee Zee 6″ Oval Nerf Bar boasts molded plastic end caps and step pads. They’re custom-fit and attach right to your truck without a drill.

You have the choice of stainless steel or black powder coated Dee Zee 6″ tube steps. The only difference between the two is which color you prefer on your truck. Your steps and brackets are protected by a No Rust Technology (NRT) to prevent corrosion – so you can trust them for long term use. To ensure your truck’s look is just right, Dee Zee 6″ bars come in three different lengths to coordinate with your cab length.

Dee Zee 6″ steps for trucks are proudly made in the USA. The black steps are backed by a 3-year warranty and the stainless steel steps are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Dee Zee NX Running Boards

Tired of pulling a hammy everytime you hop into the driver’s seat? Get a leg up on how you get in and out of your cockpit with Dee Zee NX Running Boards.

Subtle styling. Sleek lines. Simple elegance. Your Dee Zee NX Running Boards share the same traits as your crossover. And, your Dee Zee running boards are custom sculpted for a seamless fit, so they look factory-installed yet cost a fraction of dealership prices.

More than just attractive, your Dee Zee NX Running Boards are built tough with a sturdy, powder-coated aluminum frame. The stepping surface is equipped with rubber grommets for sure footing, and these Dee Zee running boards install with no drilling required.

Best of all, Dee Zee NX Running Boards come in 3 distinct finishes to suit your sense of style. Pick from a black top with black trim, a black top with chrome trim or a stainless steel top with black trim. All 3 options are backed by Dee Zee’s Lifetime Warranty for workmanship and 1-year warranty for the finish and hardware.

Bed Mats

Dee Zee Bed Mats offer you an inexpensive way to protect your truck bed. Dee Zee’s thick rubber Bed Mats defend your bed from starches, dings, and dents. Bed Mats also keep cargo from shifting, not only protecting your valuable cargo but also protecting the inside walls of your truck box. Spray-In bed liners are expensive and cannot keep your cargo in its place like a thick composite rubber Bed Mat. Dee Zee Universal Bed Mats also make great Utility Mats for your shop or garage.

Mud Flaps

Dee Zee Mud Flaps, Mud Guards and Splash Guards deflect water and debris from damaging your fender wells. Without Mud Flaps, rocks can cause unsightly dents or scratches to your vehicle or throw rocks into following vehicles windshields. Dee Zee offers multiple styles of custom fitting Mud Flaps in thick Composite Plastic, Brite-Tread Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Rubber finishes.

Rocker Panel Moldings

Hide unsightly rust spots or add a little shine to your vehicle with Dee Zee Stainless Steel Body Moldings. The 304 Stainless Steel is polished to a brilliant shine to accent your vehicle Side Body Moldings. Custom-fit applications match your vehicle contours exactly and install easily. Can’t find what you are looking for? Try our U-Cut moldings that allow you to customize your Side Moldings, Door Pillars or Fuel Tank Door.

Grill Guards

Give the front of your vehicle the ultimate protection with a Dee Zee Grill Guard. The European style of Dee Zee Grill Guards contour to each vehicle frame with custom fit applications. Our Grill Guards are available in your choice of Polished Stainless Steel or UltraBlack finishes. The rugged steel resists the elements while adding the ultimate protection accessory to your vehicle. Grill Guards help you plow through the brush or deflect errant shopping carts at the grocery store.

Bull Bars

Dee Zee Bull Bars are constructed of heavy-duty mandrel bent steel and finished in polished stainless steel or UltraBlack powder coat. Pre-drilled holes allow you to make your Bull Guard the ultimate accessory by adding auxiliary lighting. The 3″ diameter steel tubing defends against damage to your bumper while the removable skid plate allows to you add undercarriage protection when you need it.

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